Blog #164 – 4 Stages of Learning

When we are learning something new there are 4 stages we must go through.

Stage 1 – Unconscious Incompetence – This stage means that you are completely oblivious to everything. You do not know what you do not know.

Stage 2 – Conscious Incompetence – This stage brings in self awareness. Now you know what the skill or topic is that you want to learn. You also know that you know nothing.

Stage 3 – Conscious Competence – This next stage happens after spending time practicing and studying. You now know the ins and outs but you have to spend time thinking about it.

Stage 4 – Unconscious Competence – This is the last stage of learning. This is complete mastery of a subject. You know how to do something so well that it is second nature. It takes no extra effort and you can “do it while you sleep.” Imagine being Kobe playing basketball.

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