noiz viol8ion Blog #287 – The Scaries of Learning and Growth

When learning you must confront your weaknesses and not knowing something. You may be a complete beginner or already knowledgeable but you also have to be humble that you do not know everything. There is a level of vulnerability one must have to admit they do not know it all. This vulnerability can be scary… Continue reading noiz viol8ion Blog #287 – The Scaries of Learning and Growth

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Blog #227 – What you don’t know can hurt you!

You must be the master or you must hire a master. No matter what you are doing if you want it done right you need someone who knows what they are doing. Do not rely on luck or chance. The easiest way to get the results you want is to take a model or system… Continue reading Blog #227 – What you don’t know can hurt you!

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Blog #175 – Why you must live by Tony Robbins’ principle of CANI!

You must commit to a life of CANI! CANI stands for Constant And Never-ending Improvement. If you live by this principle then every aspect of your life can be affected. Things in you life are either growing or they are dying. It is up to you on what you want to grow and what you… Continue reading Blog #175 – Why you must live by Tony Robbins’ principle of CANI!

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Stop thinking small. Have great ideas that will change the world and have the determination to execute no matter what. Find a way to get it done. Lose your ego and do not pigeon hole yourself by placing labels on yourself. Do not have a fixed mindset about who you are. Have a growth mindset… Continue reading Blog #169 – THINK BIG AND EXECUTE!

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Blog #164 – 4 Stages of Learning

When we are learning something new there are 4 stages we must go through. Stage 1 - Unconscious Incompetence - This stage means that you are completely oblivious to everything. You do not know what you do not know. Stage 2 - Conscious Incompetence - This stage brings in self awareness. Now you know what… Continue reading Blog #164 – 4 Stages of Learning

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Blog #163 – Be PERSISTENT as a baby

If you wish to do anything that hasn't been done then you need PERSISTANCE. PERSISTANCE can look like stubborness or hard headedness. Everyone has persistence for achieving something they really want. A great example of this is when we were babies. When we were born we didn't know how to walk or talk. It is… Continue reading Blog #163 – Be PERSISTENT as a baby

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Blog #135 – Stay Motivated!

Do whatever it takes to stay hungry and motivated. This is a tricky art and will require sacrifices. You will have to give up something, whether it be family, money, time, friends, or success. If you want to party every weekend you will have to give up time and money. If you want to be… Continue reading Blog #135 – Stay Motivated!

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If you are having problems focusing then you are probably not interested in what you are doing. If you are curious in what you are doing then you will automatically be drawn to it. You will want to find out more information and dive deeper into what you are working on. Being curious is a… Continue reading Blog #69 – STAY CURIOUS