Blog #166 – Train you MIND

Your quality of life depends on your mind. How you think, How you make decisions, How you react, how you solve problems.

Your mindset puts a filter on everything you see, hear and feel. It can be cold and grey or bright and warm.

You have the power to choose and create the life of your dreams. You must free your mind from the limiting beliefs that constrain yourself, whether it be fear, greed, jealousy, hatred, revenge, or superstition. Replace these with empowering beliefs like faith, courage, strength, love, enthusiasm, joy, beauty, calm, romance, and hope. Your mind makes better decisions in these positive states. Operating from these consistently you will have a naturally better quality of life.

You must figure out how to flood your mind with these positive emotions. Figure out how to make these your natural states. Train your mind to return to these states.

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