Blog #171 – Upstream or Downstream?

Stop trying to paddle upstream. People always say nothing in life is free, hard work pays off in the end, if you don’t work hard then nothing good will happen. You hear this so often that you think pain is the only way to make gains. You try to make things as hard as you can because if it is hard then it must be good. I f you push yourself to the breaking point then it must be worth it. You are paddling upstream and fighting an uphill battle. You are making things unnecessarily hard on yourself. Turn your boat around and go downstream.

Going with the stream is a much more enjoyable experience. You are inline with your thoughts and feelings. You are in harmony with everything around you. The world and the universe is conspiring in your favor. Stop doubting, worrying and just accept. Things might not go exactly as you planned it and that is ok. Be grateful things are going. Enjoy the journey because that is all there is.

photo: Winslow Homer – Gulf Stream

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