Blog #170 – High Standards need to be raised HIGHER

Your standards are the things you must do and are uncompromisable. Your standards are the pillars of quality that you live by and what you base your decisions on. Your standards are health related. What are you going to eat? are you going to workout? You have standards in relationships. Who are you going to hang out with? How do you treat people? You have standards in finances. What is the minimum I’m going to get paid? You have standards for your happiness. Are you going take time for yourself and do what makes you happy?

To have a change in your life you have to raise your standards for what is the minimum acceptable. When you raise your standards you will see everything around you improve. Your health will get better. You will feel better and make better decisions. Your wealth will get better. You will get paid more for doing what you love. Your relationships will get better. You will have real people in your life that will be there for you. Your happiness will increase. You will take more time for yourself and do more things that make you happy.

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