noiz viol8ion blog #436 – Recovering From Hardship

Life is not always easy and I dare to say it’s never easy. Something is going to go wrong so be grateful everyday something doesn’t go wrong. It’s in these moments when things go wrong we see who people really are. When we get kicked to the curb, who gets up and who stays down.Continue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #436 – Recovering From Hardship”

noiz viol8ion blog #374 – Giving Thanks

I thank you from the deepest part of my being for supporting me and reading this supporting me. I have been so blessed in this life and I want to share my blessing with the world around me. Everything does not go perfect or as I planned but I am grateful for everything. I amContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #374 – Giving Thanks”

noiz viol8ion blog #344 – Are you starting your day like this?

Start your day being grateful for everything and everyone in your life. Thank the world for all that it has done and hasn’t done for you. Ask to be of service in the best way possible. Ask to be a good tool and how to sharpen. Ask how to improve. Ask for strength. Surrender yourselfContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #344 – Are you starting your day like this?”

noiz viol8ion blog #339 – $2.00 a day

Over half the people of the world live on $2.00. Can you imagine how different your life would be if this was your budget? What would you have to cut out? How would what you eat be different? What would prioritize your spending on? Many people will spend $2.00 like it is nothing. While forContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #339 – $2.00 a day”

noiz viol8ion blog #331 – The Person you have to become

Be grateful for where you are now and all of the things you have had to overcome to get to where you are. You have been challenged. You have had failures. These are not important. What is important is how you have reacted to these adversities. What you have learned and the person you haveContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #331 – The Person you have to become”

noiz viol8ion blog #304 – Comfort in Uncomfort

I did a three day fast and it taught me a lot about myself and about life in general. The biggest lesson I learned is to be grateful. I am privileged and honored to live in the USA where our culture and society is so advanced that I do not need to worry about myContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #304 – Comfort in Uncomfort”

Blog #279 – Learn it by Teaching it

Entrepreneur and businessman Tai Lopez says that you should use the 1/3 rule to allocate your time. Spend 1/3 of your time with people ahead of you. 1/3 of your time with people who are equal to you. And 1/3 of your time with people behind you. Always be reaching for the next level andContinue reading “Blog #279 – Learn it by Teaching it”

Blog #238 – You are your problems

Below is Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. The bottom layer is Food, Water, Air. The next layer is housing and a place to live. The next is sex and a relationship. The next is confidence and the ability perform. The last need is to fulfill your dreams and set goals. How many of your needs areContinue reading “Blog #238 – You are your problems”

Blog #171 – Upstream or Downstream?

Stop trying to paddle upstream. People always say nothing in life is free, hard work pays off in the end, if you don’t work hard then nothing good will happen. You hear this so often that you think pain is the only way to make gains. You try to make things as hard as youContinue reading “Blog #171 – Upstream or Downstream?”

Blog #106 – Get that MONEY!!

It costs money to eat. People often say, “Money is the root of all evil.” This could be true in some cases but money in the right hands can do many good things. Money is a tool. Money is a resource. Money is used to exchange value in a common format. Money can relieve stressesContinue reading “Blog #106 – Get that MONEY!!”