noiz viol8ion blog #595 – Everything and Nothing Matters

You do things because they are important to you. You try so hard because you want to look good in front of other people. You want to be seen as a professional and you don’t want to make mistakes because it will make you look bad. This is all in your head. Everyone else does not give a shit about whether you succeed. Unless you tie your missions together other people will not care if you fail or not. Unless they buy into your success as their success then they could care less about what you are doing. It may feel like everyone is judging you but really no one cares. They have their own life going on.

3 thoughts on “noiz viol8ion blog #595 – Everything and Nothing Matters

  1. So true. Happiness and inner peace begins from my own experience when stop worrying, pleasing, caring of people’s opinions. Self care and love is the most neglected part of a person because from childhood to adulthood, we are brainwashed to serve people and their wants. It has to change. Not the popular route though. Thanks

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