noiz viol8ion blog #486 – Awareness of Opportunities

Stay positive, have faith and believe that your chance is coming otherwise you might not notice it. Stay focused on what you want and never take an opportunity for granted. Know that you can get what you want because your positive energy must outweigh everyone else’s negative energy. Believe in yourself and have fun doingContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #486 – Awareness of Opportunities”

Blog #140 – As Much Fun as Possible

You should be taking care of business and getting through your to do list everyday. Make it a habit to your top priority items done everyday. Sometimes you are not as motivated as you want to be or you just don’t feel like doing the next thing on your list. You can either not doContinue reading “Blog #140 – As Much Fun as Possible”

Blog #114 – This is Fun!

How can you make something you do not want to do as fun as possible? There are always things that do not sound like fun but must get done. Work can be tedious. Work can be monotonous. Work can be boring. Work can be lonely. Work can be stressful. Work can be all these negativeContinue reading “Blog #114 – This is Fun!”