Blog #192 – Surround Yourself with Greatness and you will become Great

You will absorb the qualities of the people around you so make sure the people around you have outstanding qualities that you want. Carefully analyze qualities you want in yourself. If you want to be more social, courageous, athletic, wealthy, healthy, or loving. Look for these qualities in others. Look at what they are doingContinue reading “Blog #192 – Surround Yourself with Greatness and you will become Great”

Blog #110 – Only Real Recognize Real

Don’t do anything you do not believe in. Be the you that you want to become. Do not get caught up in the superficial lifestyles or worry about other people. The only thing you should focus on is becoming a better version of yourself. If you work hard and gain enough talent the you willContinue reading “Blog #110 – Only Real Recognize Real”