Blog #191 – What’s the probability of that actually happening?

Be optimistic about your end game but be realistic about your life. Optimism will drive you to achieve great things and take giant risks. Optimism will take you on great adventures and you will do things you have always wanted to do. Optimism gives you permission to have enormous goals and vision for your life.Continue reading “Blog #191 – What’s the probability of that actually happening?”

Blog #168 – Make each day your MASTERPIECE

Everyday you start out with a blank canvas of 24 hours. You can paint stick figures or you can pain the Sistine Chapel. What you do is up to you. It does not matter what you skill level is. The only thing that matters is your vision and determination. How much effort are you willingContinue reading “Blog #168 – Make each day your MASTERPIECE”

Blog #113 – Challenge and Reward

The best way to get things done is to reward yourself for getting them done. Treat yourself for a job well done. Make the reward conditional on getting the job done. “If I do this then I will get that!” Make sure it is something you really want so the work is worth the reward.Continue reading “Blog #113 – Challenge and Reward”

Blog #94 – RECOGNIZE the GOOD

Take the time to notice and recognize the good and more good will come into your life. I see the good. I hear the good. I feel the good. I smell the good. I am soaking in all the good and I am the good. Train yourself to be more aware of what is happeningContinue reading “Blog #94 – RECOGNIZE the GOOD”