noiz viol8ion blog #365 – Attack Your Goals with Optimism

No matter what you do, do it without hesitation. Go at it with optimism. Visualize yourself doing everything right and if there is a mishap, recover gracefully. There is no success without “failure”. Failure like anything else is something that happens and what matters is how you frame it. Do you quit at the firstContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #365 – Attack Your Goals with Optimism”

Blog #191 – What’s the probability of that actually happening?

Be optimistic about your end game but be realistic about your life. Optimism will drive you to achieve great things and take giant risks. Optimism will take you on great adventures and you will do things you have always wanted to do. Optimism gives you permission to have enormous goals and vision for your life.Continue reading “Blog #191 – What’s the probability of that actually happening?”