noiz viol8ion blog #503 – The Next Generation

Who is doing what you want to do? What can you copy to get the same results? Once you find a role model find out what they are doing and copy them. There is a formula of actions that you can take and get the same outcome. Learn their techniques. Once you learn then makeContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #503 – The Next Generation”

Blog #137 – Success Leaves Clues

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. If someone has already done what you are trying to do then steal their methods. They have shown you a blueprint of what works and the results that you will get if you do what they do. Copying their blueprint is way better than starting from scratch.Continue reading “Blog #137 – Success Leaves Clues”

Blog #133 – Copy, Lie and Steal

Do not be afraid to copy, steal, replicate anything that resonates and inspires you to push your boundaries further. Use things from everywhere whether it be musical, theatrical, writing, technical, social media, or educational. We are all trying to get better at something so use everything you can to get better. No one will haveContinue reading “Blog #133 – Copy, Lie and Steal”