noiz viol8ion blog #481 – Learn To Ask

The answer is always “No” if you do not ask the question. If the default answer is no then you have already lost and there is nothing more to lose and everything to gain. Maybe the Ego is holding you back for fear of rejection. That if someone says no then you will be embarrassed.Continue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #481 – Learn To Ask”

noiz viol8ion blog #449 – Open Up to Receive

Opening yourself up to receive. Receive compliments. Do not brush them off as a pleasantry. Let a compliment sink in and feel the gratitude. Open up to receive a gift. Understand what that person went through to get that for you. The work they do to make they money to pay for the gift. TheContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #449 – Open Up to Receive”

noiz viol8ion blog #397 – Where to find answers when lost.

Are you stuck? Are you lost? Are you lonely? Are you sad? Whatever the problem is there are answers out there. You must know what the problem is and be vulnerable enough to ask for help. Ask everyone. Ask no one. Ask anyone. You will not get any answers unless you ask questions. Questions areContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #397 – Where to find answers when lost.”

noiz viol8ion blog #345 – Are you chasing the squirrel?

If you chase the squirrel it will run away. The squirrel can feel your energy and does not want to be caught. The squirrel has many predators and does not want to be someone’s lunch. It has a prey mentality. There is a fight or flight mentality and the squirrel choses the flight path atContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #345 – Are you chasing the squirrel?”

Blog #159 – Ask, Seek, Knock

All talk does not get you results but it is a start. Your mind and body must be congruent. You must be doing the things that you say you are going to do. You must build up your own credibility with yourself. Say it and do it. Link incredible pleasure with accomplishing what you want.Continue reading “Blog #159 – Ask, Seek, Knock”

Blog #137 – Success Leaves Clues

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. If someone has already done what you are trying to do then steal their methods. They have shown you a blueprint of what works and the results that you will get if you do what they do. Copying their blueprint is way better than starting from scratch.Continue reading “Blog #137 – Success Leaves Clues”