Blog #37 – How to have ENDLESS ENERGY!

If your like most people then after the lunch hour and after we get home from work there is this drain of energy. We need a break. We don’t want to do anything. We want to relax, take it easy or just watch tv.

What if you didn’t get tired?

What if you were just as refreshed and energized as you are on your way to work?

What would you do with all this extra energy?

People do not have this extra energy because they do not need it. We need to exert the minimum amount of energy required to get the job done. Even when we are tired something can happen and we tap into this extra energy. A friend or family member needs us and we do whatever it takes to help. There is problem that needs to be fixed.

We must have something outside of ourselves that pulls us to step up and do something. When this happens we stop thinking about ourselves and how we feel and go into action mode.

This is how we must set our goals. Set them so big and outside of ourselves that we need an endless supply of energy to accomplish them.

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