Blog #40 – Let’s be Honest Here

Honesty and dishonest are a fork in the road. Each one goes to some place else. Once you chose one you are on that road. You will keep making that decision to stay on that road because if you want to chose the other road you will have to go all the way back to the original fork.

If you are dishonest with yourself or anyone it leads to mistrust.

Trust is a castle that must be protected. The castle can be as strong as stone or as weak as sand. The more honest you are the stronger the castle will be. Each time you say something true and follow through with your promises you are building this trust castle. The castle only gets stronger or it collapses. If something is done to lose that trust then the castle melts away like sand and cannot be rebuilt.

This is true for trusting other people, them trusting you, and you trusting yourself.

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