Blog #41 – Trust the Process

Trust the process

Trust the process

Stop not trusting the process.

If you have a creative process then you know what it is like to not trust the process. You know what it is like to over think and over analyze every little detail because things have to be perfect. The work is a reflection of you and people will judge you for it. They will say things about you that hurt and worst of all they are true.

Your work does suck! It’s true nobody likes your work! It’s true no one knows who you are! It’s true there tons of people that have more likes and followers. It’s true that your never going to be a star! All of these things sting because they are true. Whatever someone says is true to the person that said it. In that person’s mind I am worthless. They are their own judge and jury for my work. Their opinion is as valid as the next person’s.

The next person is a fan and loves everything you do! You can do no wrong! They worship the ground you walk on and support your work. They have your work in their house and it brings them joy everyday. Your work has changed their life for the better!

Each of these people are going to happen to you as long as you keep putting out work. No matter what you will get better over time if you are trust the process. The ride is going to be a roller coaster so buckle up and be tough enough to handle anything.

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