Blog #39 – The Gut, The Heart, The Mind

There are many organs that people make decisions with. Each one has a unique feeling in your body telling you what the right decision is. Sometimes they fight with each other and you do not know which one to side with. We tend to side with one over and over again casting the others to the side.

Which one do you use the most?

Whichever one you chose is exactly why you are in your current situation.

For me I tend to side with the Mind. I need to think about things before I make a decision. I need to think of a response before I say anything. I plan things out and like numbers. I am an engineer and create systems in my life. Systems to eat better. Systems to work out. Systems to track finances. Systems to make money. Systems to build relationships. Systems to be happy.

Siding with the Mind will give you drastically different results than siding with the Heart.

The Gut is strong and if not done can lead to regret. The heart is fiery and vulnerable. The mind is logical and realistic. Each one has their own strengths and weaknesses that will help you succeed or trip you up.

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