Blog #153 – Challenges of an Influencer

Being and influencer is not easy. You are trying to move people to become a better person but they may not want to be moved.

Show them the light and wake them up. Why is what they’re doing bad and what you’re doing great?

Create a shift in their mindset and beliefs that makes them want to change. Some people hate themselves so much that they will not change for themselves but they might change for other people. Tell them how this affects them and the people around them.

Use whatever leverage you can to make them open their eyes to a greater life. Anything less than everlasting change is not acceptable and it is up to you as an influencer to take it upon yourself to do the best you can. Sometimes you will have to be the bad guy in the short run to be the good guy in the long run. If you are coming from a place of love and looking out for their best interests than you have to do whatever it take to get the results your looking for. The how is not as important as what you are influencing. You will find a way if you know where you are going.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Theodore Roosevelt

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