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Blog #210 – What is Social Proof?

People can be influenced easily by the masses. If someone is unsure of what to do they will often look to see what everyone else is doing and they will do that. This can be good or it can be very bad. In the book, Influence by Robert Cialdini, it talks about how after a… Continue reading Blog #210 – What is Social Proof?

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Blog #206 – Salespeople start High then go Low

Ask for more than what you want. It is human nature to want to negotiate and make deals. The price given is never the final price. There is always room to barter and negotiate. If you are a salesman then start with you most expensive items first. The customer will see these enormous price tags… Continue reading Blog #206 – Salespeople start High then go Low

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Blog #205 – Emphasize the contrast to influence people

This strategy is to be used for ethical purposes only. When trying to influence people there are two things you must accentuate. The pain of their current situation. This extreme amount of pain will continue or get worse if they stay on their current trajectory.The pleasure of their dream situation. This is the immense amount… Continue reading Blog #205 – Emphasize the contrast to influence people


Blog #167 – Mount Rushmore of Influences

Know who you want to be by the people you look up to. Have a Mount Rushmore of people you admire. These people poses qualities that you wish to obtain. For example if Abraham Lincoln is on your Mount Rushmore of Influences then what about Lincoln do you admire? If it is his honesty then… Continue reading Blog #167 – Mount Rushmore of Influences

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Blog #153 – Challenges of an Influencer

Being and influencer is not easy. You are trying to move people to become a better person but they may not want to be moved. Show them the light and wake them up. Why is what they're doing bad and what you're doing great? Create a shift in their mindset and beliefs that makes them… Continue reading Blog #153 – Challenges of an Influencer

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Blog #120 – Life on Repeat

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. Bruce Lee The more you repeat something the more confident you will be in the end result. The more you repeat something the more you will make it your own. Your personality… Continue reading Blog #120 – Life on Repeat

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Blog #95 – Great Leaders

To be a great leader you have to have great influence on people. People are not going to follow you if there is no influence. To influence people you yourself must be influence. The influence is in your belief. You must have 100% belief of what you are selling. You must have conviction and certainty… Continue reading Blog #95 – Great Leaders

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Blog #20 – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Surround yourself with people that compliment you. There is no way for someone to do everything. If you know yourself and what you are good and bad at then you can find other people that are good at what you are bad at. People that cover up your weaknesses and highlight your strengths. Surround yourself… Continue reading Blog #20 – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work