Blog #155 – Prime your MIND

What do you want? Are you fully prepared and ready to get it?

Your brain is very good at blocking out every piece of information it deems unnecessary for survival. You must want things as bad as you want to breathe. Only then will you get it. You must tell your mind what is a must have and what is important to your survival and happiness.

Your brain has a reticular activating system. This means that your brain is like a homing missile. It will do everything it can to self correct course until it hits its target. To explain this imagine you buy an new car. Once you buy the car you start to notice this car all over the highways. You have told your brain that this car is important so it will notice it for you without any extra effort.

Use this mechanism in the brain to your advantage by expressing your dreams and goals. Your brain will notice opportunities that will lead you to these goals without extra effort.

Read this book to find out more about this system.

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