noiz viol8ion blog #409 – Out of My Mind

Sometimes I need to get out of my mind. I love listening to inspirational speakers and interview. I like to hear their struggles and how they managed to get past them. I want to apply what they have done in their lives to my own life. The problem is that listening to them does notContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #409 – Out of My Mind”

noiz viol8ion blog #375 – First Instincts

Everyone has an initial gut reaction. After this feeling has passed comes in the second guessing and doubt. The analytical mind starts to think of other options and different scenarios. The longer it takes to make a decision the harder it becomes because so much noise is entering your mind and clouding your initial thoughts.Continue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #375 – First Instincts”

noiz viol8ion blog #304 – Comfort in Uncomfort

I did a three day fast and it taught me a lot about myself and about life in general. The biggest lesson I learned is to be grateful. I am privileged and honored to live in the USA where our culture and society is so advanced that I do not need to worry about myContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #304 – Comfort in Uncomfort”

Blog #271 – Do you go to the Mental Gym?

How strong is your mind? Do you have control of you mind or does it control you? When you get into a stressful situation can you handle it or do you break down? If there is a conversation with your boss or partner that is heated, Do you get carried away in emotion or canContinue reading “Blog #271 – Do you go to the Mental Gym?”

Blog #193 – Patience until the Payoff

Be patient and your time will come. Keep doing the right things and soon all your hard work will pay off. If you are bettering yourself everyday and creating good habits then soon your life will be filled with good positive reinforcing habits. You are feeding your mind and tringin it to be great. YouContinue reading “Blog #193 – Patience until the Payoff”

Blog #155 – Prime your MIND

What do you want? Are you fully prepared and ready to get it? Your brain is very good at blocking out every piece of information it deems unnecessary for survival. You must want things as bad as you want to breathe. Only then will you get it. You must tell your mind what is aContinue reading “Blog #155 – Prime your MIND”

Blog #39 – The Gut, The Heart, The Mind

There are many organs that people make decisions with. Each one has a unique feeling in your body telling you what the right decision is. Sometimes they fight with each other and you do not know which one to side with. We tend to side with one over and over again casting the others toContinue reading “Blog #39 – The Gut, The Heart, The Mind”

Blog #14 – What is your Perfect Day?

Would you know it if it happened? Do you have a target for what would be the perfect way to spend 24 hrs? There are 7 times a week or 356 times a year you can try to achieve that perfect day. We are creatures of habits so you are either getting closer to thisContinue reading “Blog #14 – What is your Perfect Day?”

Blog #13 – Why so serious?

Things are not as big as I make them out to be. The goal is to have more fun and not take everything so serious. I have the best time when I am playing not when I am overthinking.  Tasks are more enjoyable and actually easier.  The output is better. Do not be scared toContinue reading “Blog #13 – Why so serious?”

Blog #12 – Repetition is the Key to Success

With repetition comes confidence. With repetition comes credibility. Repetition builds momentum.  With repetition something small compounds into something enormous. With repetition something amazing is built. Live everyday! Repeat the good things. Groundhog day