Blog #158 – DESTROY Limiting Beliefs

All day we have a commentary running through our minds. When we do something bad that voice very loud. When we do something good the voice is either not there or is very quiet. Where did this voice come from? Why does it feel so real? Why does it break us down and not build us up?

This voice is your subconscious. This voice has been trained and conditioned since you were a little baby. This voice is a parrot to what is sees and hears on a daily basis. It is the voice to keep you safe. It is not the voice to make you happy.

Usually we are focused on two things.

  1. Trying to avoid pain.
  2. Trying to gain pleasure

Are you a pleasure seeker or a pain avoider?

Our desire to avoid pain is greater than our desire to gain pleasure.

The good thing is that these limiting beliefs that hold us back so we will avoid pain can be destroyed and replaced with positive empowering beliefs. There is a 3 to 1 rule and it takes 3 positives to destroy one negative. You must bring yourself to the positive belief and feel that pleasure 3 times more and place an anchor on that pleasure. Once the anchor is placed you can fire it off at any time.

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