Blog #282 – 20 Percent of Actions Get 80 Percent of Results

This is known as the Pareto Principle. This principle has been proven over and over again and is considered a universal law. No one knows why but if you accept it for what it is you can use it to your advantage. Do you know what your 20% is? If you can focus your timeContinue reading “Blog #282 – 20 Percent of Actions Get 80 Percent of Results”

Blog #194 – Eliminate to Expand

Eliminate the unnecessary tasks in your life. Remember the Pareto Principle. The Pareto Principle state that 80% of the results come from 20% of your actions. Focus on the 20% of actions that get you this giant number of results. What are the things you are doing that is really moving the needle? This isContinue reading “Blog #194 – Eliminate to Expand”