Blog #151 – 3 Beliefs to Everlasting Change

Belief #1 – Things MUST Change

This is the feeling that ” I can’t take it anymore! I’ve had it! This is the last straw!” If you will no longer accept your current circumstances then you will do whatever it takes to change.

Belief #2 – For things to change I MUST change

This belief means that you take 100% responsibility for your current circumstances. When you take responsibility you are empowering yourself by saying that you got yourself here and now you can get yourself there.

Belief #3 – The Change will be immensely pleasurable in the end.

To have change you must gain leverage on yourself. This is done by feeling how terrible and painful your current situation. That if you stay in your current situation then this pain will multiply and you will never be happy. After you feel this pain imagine the feeling of pleasure rushing over you body if you change this situation to what you want. How much more pleasure will you and other feel if you make this change?

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