noiz viol8ion blog #294 – Expand Your Circle

Everyone is going through their own battles that you have no idea about. The best thing you can do is give people the benefit of the doubt and understand they are going through something you just don’t know what it is. Be humble enough to know that people have bigger problems then helping you. OnceContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #294 – Expand Your Circle”

Blog #249 – Be IP not PI

Be “Impatiently Patient” over “Patiently Impatient”. Whatever it is you want. A new career, to be healthier, to make more money, to find a significant other, to learn a new skill, literally anything. Mainly the thing in your head that is saying, “I should really start ________ing.” DO IT NOW! Stop waiting for the rightContinue reading “Blog #249 – Be IP not PI”

Blog #193 – Patience until the Payoff

Be patient and your time will come. Keep doing the right things and soon all your hard work will pay off. If you are bettering yourself everyday and creating good habits then soon your life will be filled with good positive reinforcing habits. You are feeding your mind and tringin it to be great. YouContinue reading “Blog #193 – Patience until the Payoff”

Blog #131 – Macro Patience Micro Speed

Be patient and keep working hard. Work as hard and as smart as you possibly can. Work consistently without the need of praise. Work for self satisfaction. Take pride in what you are doing. Take pride in the quality of work you do. Take pride in the consistency of showing up to work every singleContinue reading “Blog #131 – Macro Patience Micro Speed”

Blog #88 – The SIMPLE LIFE

Everyone has big dreams and wants to conquer the world but these huge goals can often take a long time to get there.  Life is a marathon not a sprint.  There is plenty of time so soak it all in.  Take a the scenic route.  Stop and smell the roses.  Enjoy all the simple pleasuresContinue reading “Blog #88 – The SIMPLE LIFE”

Blog #17 – Balance is Key to Everything

It is good to be patient and let your skills develop. Then you must not get comfortable being patient. You must balance the patience with impatience. You must be extremely impatient and push yourself to make things happen. There is a balance where you are pushing yourself but at the same time not so muchContinue reading “Blog #17 – Balance is Key to Everything”