noiz viol8ion blog #445 – Take Yourself Out of the Equation

If you are feeling stressed, depressed, fearful it is probably because you are focused to much on yourself. Negative emotions come from loss, less and never. Loss – you are losing something. Something has been taken from you. Less – you have less of something. You think you deserve more or you compare yourself toContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #445 – Take Yourself Out of the Equation”

Blog #231 – Let Go to Let In More

Learn to let go of old habits, old ideas, old thoughts, old patterns, old beliefs, old diets, old failures and the old you. The past performance does not equal future results. Holding onto the past keeps you in the past. We are now in a new world and if you do not let go ofContinue reading “Blog #231 – Let Go to Let In More”

Blog #203 – What your emotions are telling you.

What is the good in this? If you are experiencing something painful then what can be good about it? Everyday we follow the same mental patterns. We think the same thing and have the same feelings. People have tenancies to be angry, upset, frustrated, stressed, depressed. Some people have tendencies to be happy, fulfilled, excited,Continue reading “Blog #203 – What your emotions are telling you.”

Blog #196 – How to avoid worry

HAVE FAITH that what you wish to accomplish will come to fruition. HAVE FAITH that you are good enough to accomplish your wildest dreams. HAVE FAITH that all your hard work will pay off. HAVE FAITH that the answers will come when you need them. HAVE FAITH that you are not alone and there isContinue reading “Blog #196 – How to avoid worry”

Blog #193 – Patience until the Payoff

Be patient and your time will come. Keep doing the right things and soon all your hard work will pay off. If you are bettering yourself everyday and creating good habits then soon your life will be filled with good positive reinforcing habits. You are feeding your mind and tringin it to be great. YouContinue reading “Blog #193 – Patience until the Payoff”