noiz viol8ion blog #448 – Change Something

Change your life by changing something. You never know what is going to happen even from changing the smallest thing. Change something small in your life. Change the time you wake up by 1 minute. Change the greeting you give to people. Change the look on your face. Change the way you drive home fromContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #448 – Change Something”

Blog #223 – Whats the most enormous goal you can think of?

Gigantic goals can be intimidating. If a goal is huge then it can be very exciting or very anxious. Giant goals are achieved by completing a lot of smaller goals first. A mountain of mini goals adds up to a large goal. Your goal can be to make a million dollars. This can be doneContinue reading “Blog #223 – Whats the most enormous goal you can think of?”

Blog #154 – Start Bad and Start Small

Even if you don’t know what to do or are having a metal block about what you should do then keep going. Start smaller. If you are supposed to write everyday but don’t know the topic just start writing about how you don’t know what your supposed to be doing. Write down the words goingContinue reading “Blog #154 – Start Bad and Start Small”