noiz viol8ion blog #371 – How to be good at sales!

To be good at sales you must let people sit in their own pain. The reason people are interesting in your product is because they have a current agitated state and your product can move them into their desired state. You are the link between their current state and their desired state. If they doContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #371 – How to be good at sales!”

Blog #223 – Whats the most enormous goal you can think of?

Gigantic goals can be intimidating. If a goal is huge then it can be very exciting or very anxious. Giant goals are achieved by completing a lot of smaller goals first. A mountain of mini goals adds up to a large goal. Your goal can be to make a million dollars. This can be doneContinue reading “Blog #223 – Whats the most enormous goal you can think of?”

Blog #206 – Salespeople start High then go Low

Ask for more than what you want. It is human nature to want to negotiate and make deals. The price given is never the final price. There is always room to barter and negotiate. If you are a salesman then start with you most expensive items first. The customer will see these enormous price tagsContinue reading “Blog #206 – Salespeople start High then go Low”

Blog #205 – Emphasize the contrast to influence people

This strategy is to be used for ethical purposes only. When trying to influence people there are two things you must accentuate. The pain of their current situation. This extreme amount of pain will continue or get worse if they stay on their current trajectory. The pleasure of their dream situation. This is the immenseContinue reading “Blog #205 – Emphasize the contrast to influence people”