Blog #103 – Everybody Get UP!

You are only as strong as your team. Everyone must know their roles and responsibilities. Also, you must know everyone else’s roles and responsibilities. Knowing what the other members roles allows you to help them even more. The easier it is for other people the easier it will be for you. If you do notContinue reading “Blog #103 – Everybody Get UP!”

Blog #24 – Common Goals

If you want to work as a team you must set some common goals. Where are you going together? The environment must be collaborative where everyone has a say and their voice is heard. Each person must have a team first attitude. This means the success of the team is more important than the individualContinue reading “Blog #24 – Common Goals”

Blog #20 – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Surround yourself with people that compliment you. There is no way for someone to do everything. If you know yourself and what you are good and bad at then you can find other people that are good at what you are bad at. People that cover up your weaknesses and highlight your strengths. Surround yourselfContinue reading “Blog #20 – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”