noiz viol8ion blog #532 – The Master and Amateur

The biggest difference between the master and amateur is time. It takes the amateur a longer amount of time to accomplish what the master can accomplish in moments. A master can spend a fraction of time on something of far greater quality than someone just starting out. The amateur can not see the big pictureContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #532 – The Master and Amateur”

noiz viol8ion blog #299 – Time is on your side

For most people the most abundant resource they have is time. They do not have money, social connection, talents, skills, or knowledge but they do have time. If this is you then you have to make time work for you. Just because you are not getting the results you want right away does not meanContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #299 – Time is on your side”

Blog #183 – Sit down be HUMBLE

Practice humility like you practice any other skill. Being humble keeps you from slipping. As soon as you think you do not need to do the things that got you where you are is when you start loosing and making mistakes. Being humble allows you to take criticism because you know who you are andContinue reading “Blog #183 – Sit down be HUMBLE”

Blog #67 – Skill doesn’t matter but this does….

Don’t even worry about skill or how good you are. You are not the best person to judge your own talent. You will always want to be better. You will always think that it could be better. You will never be completely happy with where you are at. This is what drives you to doContinue reading “Blog #67 – Skill doesn’t matter but this does….”

Blog #41 – Trust the Process

Trust the process Trust the process Stop not trusting the process. If you have a creative process then you know what it is like to not trust the process. You know what it is like to over think and over analyze every little detail because things have to be perfect. The work is a reflectionContinue reading “Blog #41 – Trust the Process”