Blog #253 – What is Your Primary Question?

Everyone has one question they ask constantly. What this question is will direct what you focus on and the decision you make. Do you know your primary question? One of Tony Robbins primary questions is, “How can I enjoy how perfect things are and make them better valiantly and more enjoyable for everybody?” This questionContinue reading “Blog #253 – What is Your Primary Question?”

Blog #241 – Questions for a crisis

When you are in a challenging situation ask yourself these question to get over it. What is good about this problem? What can I learn from this problem? What is great about this problem? What is not perfect yet? What am I willing to do to make it the way I want? What am IContinue reading “Blog #241 – Questions for a crisis”

Blog #71 – The 3 Keys to Change per Tony Robbins

Strategy – Success leaves clues and most of the things you want to do have been accomplished by other people already. To bake a cake all you have to do is follow the recipe. Someone already figured out all the ingredients need and time to cook. This is the strategy for baking a cake. ThereContinue reading “Blog #71 – The 3 Keys to Change per Tony Robbins”