Blog #253 – What is Your Primary Question?

Everyone has one question they ask constantly. What this question is will direct what you focus on and the decision you make. Do you know your primary question? One of Tony Robbins primary questions is, "How can I enjoy how perfect things are and make them better valiantly and more enjoyable for everybody?" This question… Continue reading Blog #253 – What is Your Primary Question?

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Blog #221 – How to thrive with Monthly Bills

Do you know how much your monthly expenses are? Each month bills come at the same time. You will either be ready for them or they will get the best of you. Capture and write down how much is due and when. Notice what is essential and what can be eliminated. If you are paying… Continue reading Blog #221 – How to thrive with Monthly Bills


Blog #117 – Everything is going to change

Things slowly evolve over time so slow that you can't even feel or notice it. It feels like everything is always the same. There is a point when you wake up and everything has changed and all your dreams have come true. What are your biggest dreams you want to become true? Why is this… Continue reading Blog #117 – Everything is going to change


Blog # 61 – Enjoy life like there’s no tomorrow.

Find as many opportunities as you can to enjoy yourself and the people around you. The daily routine can be monotonous and we must inject moments of joy into the day. Enjoy the day by knowing what makes you happy and then do it. Really enjoy these moments that you give yourself.