Blog #149 – Road Map to Happiness

You must commit to live your life in a beautiful state and you must reinforce this commitment constantly. You will be tested throughout life so you must remind yourself what you want. Your mind is not designed to make you happy. It is design to make you survive. Your quality of life and your happinessContinue reading “Blog #149 – Road Map to Happiness”

Blog #146 – Do it for yourself

Be one with yourself. Accept yourself for who you are. Forgive yourself for anything your holding on to. View everything as a learning experience. Take the time every morning to be grateful for who you are. Center you mind, body and spirit. Forgive those in your life may have wronged you. Thank them for teachingContinue reading “Blog #146 – Do it for yourself”

Blog #125 – Feeling Down? Remember This

Do not be discouraged by anything. You are in control of you and what you do. You have the power. Do not fall into the the trap of a negative state and if you do have ways to get yourself out of it. Your body and mind are connected as one. Make sure your bodyContinue reading “Blog #125 – Feeling Down? Remember This”

Blog #71 – The 3 Keys to Change per Tony Robbins

Strategy – Success leaves clues and most of the things you want to do have been accomplished by other people already. To bake a cake all you have to do is follow the recipe. Someone already figured out all the ingredients need and time to cook. This is the strategy for baking a cake. ThereContinue reading “Blog #71 – The 3 Keys to Change per Tony Robbins”