noiz viol8ion blog #570 – Keep Fighting For It

If you believe in something and it is doing you good then keep fighting for it. Keep getting better at it. Keep improving and if it does good for other people then do it for them too. Eventually you will gain a reputation for what you do. People will seek you out and you canContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #570 – Keep Fighting For It”

Blog #209 – What you should know.

Know yourself better than anyone else. Know your behavior. What makes you hurt? What make you feel good? Know what you want. Know who your friends are and who your enemies are. Know that change can happen in a moment. (We are now in isolation from a virus) Know that your values and beliefs willContinue reading “Blog #209 – What you should know.”

Blog #167 – Mount Rushmore of Influences

Know who you want to be by the people you look up to. Have a Mount Rushmore of people you admire. These people poses qualities that you wish to obtain. For example if Abraham Lincoln is on your Mount Rushmore of Influences then what about Lincoln do you admire? If it is his honesty thenContinue reading “Blog #167 – Mount Rushmore of Influences”