noiz viol8ion blog #464 – Let Go

You do not need to do anything besides let go. Let of of bad habits. Let go of limited thoughts. Release all the tension held in your body. Forget about all your doubts and fears. Be free from negativity others have place upon you. Unshackle yourself from these labels. Unidentify with disempowering stories you tellContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #464 – Let Go”

Blog #231 – Let Go to Let In More

Learn to let go of old habits, old ideas, old thoughts, old patterns, old beliefs, old diets, old failures and the old you. The past performance does not equal future results. Holding onto the past keeps you in the past. We are now in a new world and if you do not let go ofContinue reading “Blog #231 – Let Go to Let In More”