Blog #9 – Progress over Perfection

How do you measure yourself? Put your focus on your progress not your perfection. Since we are human that means we are not perfect. Therefore if we try to be perfect we will only get frustrated with ourselves. If we see focus on progress then we appreciating how far we have come and will beContinue reading “Blog #9 – Progress over Perfection”

Blog #8 – Happyness is not a mistake

Happiness is doing things that you do not want to do. The easiest thing to do is not usually the thing that will make you happy. Happiness is knowing yourself and what makes you happy. The world is working in your favor and the mind is not.  The mind is always playing tricks on us. Continue reading “Blog #8 – Happyness is not a mistake”

Blog #7 – Motivation is a Myth!

Motivation is a mythical unicorn that does not exist. If you are waiting for motivation then you will not be successful.  If you need motivation then your dreams are not big enough. I know what it feels like to be tired or procrastinate.  I have spent many nights going down the YouTube rabbit hole whenContinue reading “Blog #7 – Motivation is a Myth!”

Blog #6 – Learn anything in 20 hrs!

I read that you can learn anything in 20 hrs. To me that sounds like a short amount of time but then I thought about how often do I spend 20 hrs on anything that is new.  This is about my 5th blog entry and it takes me about 15 min to write.  To reachContinue reading “Blog #6 – Learn anything in 20 hrs!”

Blog #4 – The Grind

The grind is a dangerous beast! It must be handled with extreme caution and planned out carefully.  It takes precedent over how you feel and what you want.  It takes the thinking out of your day and allows for freedom or captivity. The power of habits are incredible! Habits can be CONSTRUCTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE. ToContinue reading “Blog #4 – The Grind”

Blog #3 – No Better Time Than the Present

There is no better time than the present because that is the only time you are present.  The past is a memory only you hold in your head. Which is different from the memory that someone else holds in their head.  The future is just a vision that may or may not come to fruition. Continue reading “Blog #3 – No Better Time Than the Present”

Blog #2 – Echo in Eternity

Don’t get wrapped up in life.  Life will consume you and then you will have no time to live. There is a tight rope to walk between having the time of your life and life having your time.  You have to do the thing you love with the people you love.  Do not stress overContinue reading “Blog #2 – Echo in Eternity”

Blog #1 – Dream

Dream with the intent of achieving. It has been proven over and over that nothing is impossible. Therefore, dreams do come true! There is limitless opportunities and directions that one can take, so why not dream about the future in a positive light. Dreaming can be a form of planning.  If you dream about whereContinue reading “Blog #1 – Dream”