Blog #267 – Do it Because It’s Difficult

The mind and body adapt to everything it goes through. If it goes through a life without challenges then you will not be able to handle the slightest bit of adversity. If the mind and body are constantly being stressed and tested then the mind and body will be strengthened. A person does not run… Continue reading Blog #267 – Do it Because It’s Difficult


Blog #266 – Life is Like Jeopardy

The answers are all around us but we need to ask better questions to unlock better results. If you want a different result then what you are getting then you need to ask a different question. A quality question will open your mind to quality answers. You must ask the question and listen for the… Continue reading Blog #266 – Life is Like Jeopardy


Blog #265 – You are already a success

The odds of you being alive and reading this post is basically zero. (Reference) You have already won the biggest and best lottery in the universe. You were born on Earth! If you really believe that you are a miracle then you will do miraculous things. You will stop doubting yourself be the odd breaker… Continue reading Blog #265 – You are already a success


Blog #264 – If you are going to succeed then you must develop resourcefulness.

There is always going to be some resource that you do not have enough of. For most people and business they think this resource is money. With the lack of resource you must resort to resourcefulness. Even if you have all the time and money doesn't mean you will be successful. The key to success… Continue reading Blog #264 – If you are going to succeed then you must develop resourcefulness.


Blog #263 – Visualize the Perfect Shot

Ben Hogan said that before he hit the golf ball he would visualize a perfect shot. He would visualize exactly where he wants the ball to go and with perfect form. Visualizing builds up muscle memory even though your not going through the motions. Your body and brain acts as if its a real memory.… Continue reading Blog #263 – Visualize the Perfect Shot


Blog #262 – Diversify your talents and income

Finding uncorrelated income sources so if one goes down then there is another one to keep. Check out this article for 7 different types of income: Diversifying protects yourself from droughts.


noiz viol8ion podcast – #11 Kathryn Nicolai, Nothing Much Happens Podcast Founder and Creator

In this episode I interview Yogi and Creator of the Nothing Much Happens Brand, Kathryn Nicolai. Kathryn goes in depth about her creative podcast. She talks about how she comes up with ideas for her episodes. Kathryn share her journey to becoming one of the top podcasts by filling a need that she saw.… Continue reading noiz viol8ion podcast – #11 Kathryn Nicolai, Nothing Much Happens Podcast Founder and Creator


Blog #261 – Run More Experiments

I need to fail more. I need to try more things. When somethings not going your way the what is going your way? Experiments are like random seeds. You plant them and nurture them to see what results you are going to get. The more you plant the more some will turn into something beautiful.… Continue reading Blog #261 – Run More Experiments


Blog #260 – Accepting Feedback

Feedback is often looked down as criticism and many people are intimidated by what people may say. Without feedback from others we are left with our own thoughts and perceptions which without testing and stressing them can be far from the truth. Its impossible to get feedback if you are the one talking all the… Continue reading Blog #260 – Accepting Feedback


Blog #259 – Pick Your Struggle

Whatever you do in life there will be struggles. Many things do not come easy. You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.Jim Carrey Times will be rough but if you are doing something you love the passion will pull you through… Continue reading Blog #259 – Pick Your Struggle