noiz viol8ion blog #337 – Art is your History

A huge part of life is creating memories. Memories allow you to look back at your life and recognize where you were at, who you were with, what you were thinking. Art can be like an autobiography and be a snapshot of that point of your life. Art will capture that initial emotion and preserveContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #337 – Art is your History”

Blog #271 – Do you go to the Mental Gym?

How strong is your mind? Do you have control of you mind or does it control you? When you get into a stressful situation can you handle it or do you break down? If there is a conversation with your boss or partner that is heated, Do you get carried away in emotion or canContinue reading “Blog #271 – Do you go to the Mental Gym?”

Blog #232 – The Art of Finishing

Everything has a beginning, middle, and end. Bring awareness and note if you are at the beginning of the end. Or in the case of the market it looks like we are at the beginning of a recession. If we are at the beginning then what does the middle and end look like. The wayContinue reading “Blog #232 – The Art of Finishing”

Blog #150 – Your art is not you

Stop putting so much of your self worth into something you have created or something you have done. Creating art is very experimental and a lot of what you try is going to fail. This does not mean that you are a failure. Just because your art or skill is not at the level youContinue reading “Blog #150 – Your art is not you”