noiz viol8ion blog #489 – What’s Good?

Take a look at your life and recognize what is good in it. There has to be one thing that your proud of. Maybe it’s something you’ve accomplished. A relationship you have. Your family. Maybe a skill or talent. Take notice of what is good in your life! Then take notice of why it isContinue reading “noiz viol8ion blog #489 – What’s Good?”

Blog #203 – What your emotions are telling you.

What is the good in this? If you are experiencing something painful then what can be good about it? Everyday we follow the same mental patterns. We think the same thing and have the same feelings. People have tenancies to be angry, upset, frustrated, stressed, depressed. Some people have tendencies to be happy, fulfilled, excited,Continue reading “Blog #203 – What your emotions are telling you.”