Blog #132 – Stay Clear of This

It is important to notice when you are distracted and go back to focusing on what matters most. People will veer you off course. People will bring you down. This might not be on purpose but no one wants to see you suceed as much as you do. You have to take care of allContinue reading “Blog #132 – Stay Clear of This”


Life has so many temptations and distractions to keep you from being productive. Everything wants your attention. Apps want you on them. Notifications on ding on your phone. People call in the middle of things. We feel obligating to answer and respond to all this craziness and it takes away from the moment. It takeContinue reading “Blog #99 – SELF CONTROL”

Blog #73 – Hone your FOCUS

Watching TV, Video Games, Social Media, Emails, Internet, Movies, Notifications There are a lot of things out there that is begging for our attention. Each one gives a small amount of short term satisfaction. Marketing professional are trained on how to get your attention and how to keep your attention. They are laying traps andContinue reading “Blog #73 – Hone your FOCUS”