Blog #218 – Which of these 2 mindsets do you have?

In the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck, she talks about people having two different types of mindsets. The Fixed Mindset The Growth Mindset The fixed mindset is when people put a label on themselves. They think they are born good or bad at something. They think there are either smartContinue reading “Blog #218 – Which of these 2 mindsets do you have?”


Stop thinking small. Have great ideas that will change the world and have the determination to execute no matter what. Find a way to get it done. Lose your ego and do not pigeon hole yourself by placing labels on yourself. Do not have a fixed mindset about who you are. Have a growth mindsetContinue reading “Blog #169 – THINK BIG AND EXECUTE!”

Blog #135 – Stay Motivated!

Do whatever it takes to stay hungry and motivated. This is a tricky art and will require sacrifices. You will have to give up something, whether it be family, money, time, friends, or success. If you want to party every weekend you will have to give up time and money. If you want to beContinue reading “Blog #135 – Stay Motivated!”

Blog #126 – Get it DONE!

You alread know what needs to be done so why are you not doing it? It doesn’t matter why. If you really want something then you will find a way to get it done. Stop whining, stop dreading, stop poor me-ing and just do it! The only way to get better at something is toContinue reading “Blog #126 – Get it DONE!”

Blog #53 – The Edge of Competence

Growth happens when you are over your head. The moment when you have no other choice but to step up. The pressure is on. The lights are shining in your face. There is no safety net. More than likely you are going to fail and that is why this zone is beyond our comfort zone.Continue reading “Blog #53 – The Edge of Competence”

Blog #23 – Growth Takes Time

There are two ways to look at why people do things. Short Term – It is human nature to want things instantly for nothing. Everyone wants to win the lottery. Everyone wants to have a hit song. Everyone wants the one big break. They want the results without putting in the work. They want theContinue reading “Blog #23 – Growth Takes Time”