Blog #197 – These Two Things Always Pay-Off

Dedication Hard-work Sometimes if there is not an immediate result then people lose motivation and focus. We are easily bored and have a short attention span. Time is the most valuable asset everyone has so no one wants to waste their time. If you are trying to lose wait the people think the worst thingContinue reading “Blog #197 – These Two Things Always Pay-Off”

Blog #177 – The two reason WHY you do ANYTHING.

Every decision you make is based off of these two rationals. To Avoid Pain To Gain Pleasure Simple. Once you know this is how you operate then you can use it to your advantage or it’s going to use you. If an overweight person doesn’t diet or exercise they associate massive amounts of pain toContinue reading “Blog #177 – The two reason WHY you do ANYTHING.”

Blog #158 – DESTROY Limiting Beliefs

All day we have a commentary running through our minds. When we do something bad that voice very loud. When we do something good the voice is either not there or is very quiet. Where did this voice come from? Why does it feel so real? Why does it break us down and not buildContinue reading “Blog #158 – DESTROY Limiting Beliefs”

Blog #151 – 3 Beliefs to Everlasting Change

Belief #1 – Things MUST Change This is the feeling that ” I can’t take it anymore! I’ve had it! This is the last straw!” If you will no longer accept your current circumstances then you will do whatever it takes to change. Belief #2 – For things to change I MUST change This beliefContinue reading “Blog #151 – 3 Beliefs to Everlasting Change”

Blog #142 – How do you decide?

The power of decisions is not like any other that you posses. In a single moment you have the power to change your life through a decision. A decision to keep doing something or to stop doing something will change the course of your life. If you are stuck in rut then you must makeContinue reading “Blog #142 – How do you decide?”